Meet the Team


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Dr. Martina Wagner

Dr. Martina Wagner has a background in serving English Language learners that has spanned over twenty years in grades pre-K thru adult education. Her professional passions and expertise include best practice and programming for ELs, Sheltered Instruction (SIOP), Co-teaching, Special Education Identification of ELs, WIDA  and English Language Learning assessments and data.

In addition, Dr. Wagner has worked extensively both nationally and internationally to increase awareness of educational best practice and systems restructure.

A mom, avid runner, and world traveler, she prides herself in equipping every educator and leader to be the best they can be.  After all, our students and families deserve quality education! 


Dean Reasoner

Dean Reasoner is a professional educator with expertise and enthusiasm for all topics related to English Learners (ELs). He has worked with ELs in grades K-12 and adult education in a wide variety of capacities, starting as a paraprofessional and continuing on to the position of district EL program coordinator. Dean's passions include EL programming and service delivery, sheltered instruction, professional collaboration and co-teaching, and culturally responsive instruction. He has led professional development for teachers and specialists of all backgrounds. Dean has a Master's Degree in English as a Second Language and a Certificate of Excellence in Urban Teaching. A world traveler since his birth in the U.K., Dean has lived in four countries and continues to see out new destinations whenever the opportunity to travel arises.

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Jaclyn Eichenberger

Jaclyn Eichenberger, a passionate advocate for EL students, teachers, and families, is a former EL teacher with experience teaching English preK to adult in both the U.S. and aborad. Now completing an Ed.M. in Language and Literacy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, her current research is around how to best engage ELs through technology. Jaclyn is the co-founder of ChatENG, an organization that uses interactive technology to provide remote English education to children in Korea, which was incubated via the Venture Incubation Program at the Harvard Innovation Lab. Jaclyn is also the executive director of LessonPick, a collaboration platform that supports teachers of English learners.