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10 Teacher Resources For Lesson Planning Templates & Tools


Learnboost is a great resource for teachers who wish to construct and organize lesson plans. Through an easy to use, step-by-step lesson builder, teachers can easily customize and organize their lesson plans, upload media files, attach common core standards, and track student progress. Teachers can easily customize their plans on the fly and create assessments that align with certain goals.

Universal Design for Learning Lesson Builder

UDL Lesson Builder provides teachers with a number of quality lesson templates to use in their classroom. UDL also allows educators to easily and efficiently create their own plans—providing the framework to create lessons with flexible goals, assessments, and materials that support student learning.

Standards Toolbox

Standards Toolbox is a very effect resource for teachers who wish to build or use lesson plan templates. In addition to aligning lesson plans to state common core standards, Standards Toolbox provides weekly calendar planners, grade books, test generators, and an educators network to make teacher’s lives much easier.

Google Docs

Surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly), Google Docs has a smorgasbord of lesson plan templates that are at the disposal of teachers everywhere. Google offers weekly and monthly planners, unit planners, and customizable lesson templates to make lesson planning fast and easy.

Education Oasis

Education Oasis offers a number of lesson plan templates, examples, resources, and detailed guidance that will assist even the most time pressed teacher build an effective lesson plan for all grade levels.

Have Fun Teaching

Have Fun Teaching provides educators with several printable lesson plan templates that can be applied to multiple grade levels. In addition to generic templates, teachers have access to daily and weekly planners, common core state standards templates, and even templates that are geared toward ESOL and ESL lesson planning.

K-12 Reader

K-12 Reader offers teachers with several lesson plan templates, along with a multitude of other useful worksheets and activities. Teachers have the option to choose unit specific or multi-subject templates. More complex plans are available as well, which give teachers the flexibility and option of using whatever fits their needs.

Common Curriculum

Common Curriculum is a great, easy to use, and very effective platform that allows teachers to quickly and easily construct detailed and organized lesson plans. Teachers can choose from a variety of templates, easily drag and drop unit items into their sections, and align their lessons to common core standards.

Additionally, teachers can instantly post lessons and homework onto their classroom websites and share and view lesson plans with other teachers.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office offers multiple daily, weekly, and unit specific lesson plan templates that are applicable to multiple grade levels. This comprehensive collection provides teachers with several options they can utilize in creating the easiest and most efficient lesson plan for their classroom.

Activate the Core

Site description: ‘Plan with the Common Core in mind. The Lesson Planning Tool (digital version only) guides teachers through a series of prompts about the lesson content, structure, and activities to ensure the Shifts required by the CCSS are central to the lesson.’   





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